Mega Token Whitepaper


Mega Token (HPW) is the builder of the first blockchain mining city in West Asia. The goal is to provide a comprehensive cloud based smart mining platform with affordable electricity. Mega Token (HPW) intends to become the most significant mining farm by providing actual mining via innovative mining technology and valuable services.

Mega Token (HPW) has 78,000 square meters of infrastructure. The potential to build a power plant and renewable electricity generation and buy a miner sales line can help create a suitable tokenized definition for mining. Our mining plan structure helps users to obtain the hash power needed for mining.

We have created a flow of liquidity between miners by tokenization, as well as eliminating mining and electricity risks with the efficiency of energy sources at a reasonable price. It creates a mining democracy with reasonable tariffs for the public so that geographical dispersion of electricity's price for the public should not make unprofitable mining, and the possibility of affordable electricity mining should be provided for all, and as a reference platform for cryptocurrency mining, it will create investment opportunities in mining.